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The Bowen Technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia.



Skeletal and muscular problems from lumbar to neck


Digestive issues

Abdominal discomfort, IBS, hiatus hernia, indegestion and bloating



Asthma, symptoms of bronchitis and emphysema



Sinus problems, stress and TJM misalignment


What to expect from a typical first treatment

Each treatment is individual to each persons needs



A thorough medical history is taken, including details of the current problem and environmental factors


Body Balance

To create a holistic balance making use of the body’s ability to heal itself


Specific Procedure

Targeting your specific area of concern to pinpoint stress build up in muscle groups and releasing it


Aftercare advice

Recommendations for wellbeing and rehabilitation exercises as required

Bowen Helps Celebrity

Bear Grylls has regular bowen treatments and regards these as an essential part of his preparation and recovery to maintain peak physical performance . “Bowen has helped keep my body together despite the continual bashing it takes,” he explains “It’s a vital support in putting right a whole range of new aches and pains, making sure that old injuries don’t cause me problems, and helping me fight stress and fatigue.”

Bear Grylls.

What the press say about Bowen

The Bowen Technique – which seems too gentle to have any effect – can help with problems such as backache and migraine, often when medicine can’t.

Saga Magazine

What our customers say about us

I have visited Caroline for 5 Bowen sessions for back pain and sciatic related problems. I found the sessions very relaxing, my body is feeling much better and has definitely benefitted from Bowen. I plan to carry on with regular top up sessions and have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to others.

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