Over 40% of injuries in Rugby and football are muscle sprains or bruising.

Injuries to the back include back muscle pain, bulging disc, sacroiliac joint pain and sciatica.

Other injuries commonly seen are groin or hamstring strain, calf muscle tears, bursitis in the knee or shoulder , piriformis syndrome, whiplash injuries, neck and rotator cuff muscle injuries.

Tennis / Squash

Tennis and squash can cause lower limb injuries such as ankle sprain, Achilles tendon injury/tear and knee tendonitis, usually due to the sprinting, stopping, turning and jarring action of both sports.

Upper limb injuries also occur due to the repetitive arm movements and injuries here are often due to overuse, such as tennis elbow and biceps tendonitis.

Back muscle pain, disc problems and bursitis of the shoulder and knee are also fairly common injuries for tennis and squash players.


Although golf has a relatively low incident rate, 80% of injuries that occur are typically ‘overuse injuries’.

Lower back pain affects about a third of professional golfers, due to the twisting action and slightly bent position. Weak core and back muscles and underlying spinal stiffness can have a detrimental effect when combined with golfing stance and swing action.

The second most common area of injury for golfers is elbow and wrist, with shoulder pain often being experienced due to poor swing technique or biomechanics. Professional golfers tend to suffer more wrist injuries and amateurs more elbow and shoulder problems. Injuries can include Carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers elbow, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement, shoulder arthritis and bursitis.