I had 3 Bowen sessions with Caroline recently. Not knowing much about Bowen Therapy, I went into the sessions with an open mind. They were very relaxing and enjoyable and I have seen an improvement in my shoulder pain.

As a yoga teacher with 6 classes per week my body and mind come under strain. After my 2nd Bowen appointment I was staggered that not only did I feel soothed and relaxed, but my knee felt better than it had done for a long time. The following week I went on a walking holiday and did not suffer the usual pain when walking down hill.

Over the past 5 years I have been strengthening the muscles around the knee joint with yoga – since a skiing holiday where I really thought I might have to have a new knee! I have been pleasantly surprised with how effective the Bowen has been for me and l certainly recommend it.

Thank you so much for your help and gentle touch!

I have visited Caroline for 5 Bowen sessions for back pain and sciatic related problems. I found the sessions very relaxing, my body is feeling much better and has definitely benefitted from Bowen. I plan to carry on with regular top up sessions and have no hesitation in recommending Caroline to others.

Thank you for the Bowen on my foot, I found it wonderfully relaxing and helped my injury a great deal – I’ve been walking and cycling with no problem. I really enjoyed the procedure and would come back regardless of injury or complaint as it was so relaxing.

I have been to a physio on numerous occasions for a painful foot, was informed I would require an operation involving wires through my toes and provided with orthotic insoles that made very little difference. I was therefore dubious what Bowen could achieve but a few days after my second treatment I was surprised to discover that I could stand on tiptoes again, something I have not been able to do for a long time. The treatment was gentle, relaxing and a pleasant experience.

The treatment was very relaxing. My general sense of wellbeing increased no end after just a couple of sessions, I was relieved of minor aches and pains as well as seeing an improvement on some more specific issues. After 4 sessions I couldn’t believe the progress – my original complaints had eased completely and I felt the best I had in a long time. I would definitely recommend Caroline and Bowen Therapy.

I suffered a back and leg injury over 40 years ago and live with daily pain from it. Whilst in the shower one day, I twisted my back, suffering terrible pain which travelled down my leg. I was recommended Bowen treatment with Caroline. This has been a fantastic treatment for me as the pain I have been suffering for all of these years in my back and leg has almost gone completely in 5 sessions.